Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New work on Stoneware

Completed some new bowls this week.  These are small vinaigrette bowls with incised garlic grater in the interior.

This is a generous mixing bowl, decorated inside and out.

A lovely wide brimmed display bowl.

A bright and cheerful lemon bowl.

The interior of the lemon bowl.

Soft delicate pink flowers decorate this flat bottomed serving or display bowl.

This is an exotic beautiful display bowl.  All my bowls are decorated inside and out, and are microwave, dishwasher and food safe, so they are completely functional.

A more subdued version of the bowl above.


I had some problems with pinholes on my majolica glazed pieces.  On the advice of some experienced potters, I changed my firing schedule.  A very slow bisque, ramping up no more than 125 degrees F per hour and a two hour soak at the end.  It worked!.  Now, I have to work on getting a more even coverage of white majolica glaze over the terracotta clay.  Nearly there.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back to slip painting on stoneware

I still have some red terracotta earthenware pieces to glaze and decorate, but decided to use up some of my stoneware and return to slip decorating on greenware, which I bisque to cone 08, then cover with a clear glaze. The final firing temperature is cone 6.  I seem to be stuck on a floral pattern that I find very satisfying, and have been incorporating swirls and curves into my bowls that give a really interesting visual effect. Next week I finish up my majolica pieces.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Majolica continued. After Firing

Well, they are fired.  All in all, I am happy.  The white glaze is clear, smooth and luscious. The colors of the designs are brilliant and shiny with no rough spots.  I did get those nasty pinholes that are considered part of the charm of majolica, but frankly I would rather not have them.  What to do?  I have read everything I can get my hands on and next time I will bisque to one cone higher and glaze slightly thinner.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Playing with Majolica

Trying my hand at the traditional majolica technique using colored pigments on a raw white glaze over terracotta clay.  Will be firing over the weekend.  I am anxious to see the results, and hoping I do not have too many technical problems to overcome.

This bowl's design has been wax resisted and will get a pale taupe background. This allows me to paint the background right over the design using a large soft brush.  The wax resist will burn off in the kiln and hopefully the background will be smooth and streak free.  Kiln Gods Willing!
Boy the lighting in my studio is terrible...gotta get some good task lighting.  Anyone have any suggestions?