Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More Is More!

My list of test tiles keeps growing, as I mix and test every color that I can think up.  Then when I lay them out before me on the table, a pristine white bowl waiting to be decorated, I can not restrain myself...sometimes ten, twelve or more colors will be used.  Am I going too far?  Should I rein myself in, and try to be a bit more subdued.  I tried on one small bowl, decorating it with delicate scroll leaves and small pink flowers, but then the urge hit, and I grabbed "Markus's Red No 2" - a raspberry pink-red that my 5 year old grandson actually developed.  You see, he too has the color bug..."just a bit more pink grandma, now a tiny bit of red", and voila, we had this fabulous raspberry red.  So there I was with this lovely subdued little bowl on my table, and my test tile of Markus's red in the other, and guess what happened.  Well, see for yourself!