Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New work on Stoneware

Completed some new bowls this week.  These are small vinaigrette bowls with incised garlic grater in the interior.

This is a generous mixing bowl, decorated inside and out.

A lovely wide brimmed display bowl.

A bright and cheerful lemon bowl.

The interior of the lemon bowl.

Soft delicate pink flowers decorate this flat bottomed serving or display bowl.

This is an exotic beautiful display bowl.  All my bowls are decorated inside and out, and are microwave, dishwasher and food safe, so they are completely functional.

A more subdued version of the bowl above.


I had some problems with pinholes on my majolica glazed pieces.  On the advice of some experienced potters, I changed my firing schedule.  A very slow bisque, ramping up no more than 125 degrees F per hour and a two hour soak at the end.  It worked!.  Now, I have to work on getting a more even coverage of white majolica glaze over the terracotta clay.  Nearly there.