Monday, August 1, 2011

More slab building fun

I hate having to clean up my wheel between throwing white stoneware and porcelain clay, and the red terracotta majolica clay, so have decided to keep my red clay for hand building.  I have been playing with slab building using slump and drape molds made from cheap Dollar Store plastic dishes.
This weekend, I made a Sun Goddess in two parts.  The face is molded in a shallow bowl, and attached to a flat round slab.  Once divided into equal portions, I cut the edge of the round to form the sun's rays.  I covered the entire front of the piece with white slip and then slip decorated it.  It is now ready for its first firing to cone 04, then will be covered in a clear shiny glaze and fired again to cone 06.  At least, that is the plan.  If it works out, it will have a home outside on my deck.


  1. Really nice. Well done! And you use colored slips? Not underglazes?

  2. Yes. I enjoy formulating colors by adding pigments to my slip.