Thursday, March 25, 2010

My First Blog!

I must say I am pretty pleased with myself!. As a senior, I have fully embraced the electronic age. I have set up my Etsy store am using Facebook, Twitter and now I am blogging! I am slowly transitioning from a full time business person to a full time potter, and will be running Atelier Marla as a retirement business. In addition to selling on Etsy, I have just completed several commissions. My area of interest is Majolica.
While I was a member of a local potters club, I was confined to throwing stoneware and porcelain, and had to amend my technique. In order to achieve the same color brilliance, and design elements, I drew my images on the leather hard bisque ware, and used colored slips that I mixed myself from oxides, carbonates and glaze pigments to achieve my pallet. Once bisque fired, I then glazed with a clear transparent and fired to cone 6.
Now that my home studio is complete, I will be working on my own, I will be throwing with terra cotta and painting my designs on glaze.
I hope to take lots of photos, and to share my progress with you.

Along the way, I have met some very talented and wonderful ceramic artists, and I am looking forward to interviewing them and sharing their work with you as well.
So, till my next post,
Happy potting.


  1. Got here because of your post announcing your blog on potterybasics. Just wanted to say that I love your work! The bright colors, the patterns and designs are just lovely. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  2. Your twitter announcement worked...I came to check it out! Congratulations on your new blog. Your pottery is beautiful! In a few years I hope to go full time as well~ ah, sweet retirement ;)

  3. Just love your color, wish you did classes! Good luck in your retirement!

  4. far so good! Love your pieces and best wishes on your blog. Picassa by Google is a n free image software and also has a direct uplink to your blogger acct...just search for it and you'll find it...really easy to adjust your pictures and upload directly to your blog. PS.. read your announcement on potterbasics