Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday's Production

A gray, cold and wet Sunday with threatening snow showers was the perfect occassion to hunker down in my studio with a big mug of steaming tea and get down to some serious throwing. I have a custom order for ten soup bowls which will be decorated with the names of my customer's grandchildren. I also wanted to "play" a bit with some hand formed tumblers made from clay that was stamped with a floral design. This is going to be fun to glaze. I ended up throwing 12 soup bowls, and making two prototypes to try out some handle arrangements. Nothing but the whirling sound of my wheel, and the gurgling of the aquarium's filter as I worked with a wonderful stoneware clay from Pottery Supply House in Toronto.
Hopefully they will be ready for trimming this evening, then I attach handles and bisque fire.


  1. What a great idea for soup bowls. It is almost like another type of family tree idea. If requested would you be able to put the DOB on them as well? Looking forward to seeing the completed project.

  2. Yes I could...they would make nice "Birthday" or Christening gifts also. My customer prefers only one handle, but for the little ones, I like the two handles as they would be easy to drink out of as well.