Monday, April 12, 2010

Custom Soup Bowls Decorated!

This weekend I decided to slip decorate my order for my custom soup bowls BEFORE they were bisque fired.  There is always a big risk in doing this as they are so fragile.  It is so easy to bump them and inadvertently knock a handle off.  But the big advantage is bisque firing the bowls with the  raw slip so that the slip decoration penetrates and becomes permanent.  There is then less chance of colors moving under the final clear glaze, especially the black.  Since all of the names are painted in black, I really wanted to keep the crisp lines and eliminate all chance of bleeding or running.My customer gave me notes on each child's interests...Benjamin likes Nemo, Jemma loves ballet, Adam likes animals, etc so I had a lot of fun finding the images to put on each cup.

Next step will be to bisque fire to cone 04, then glaze with a translucent clear shiny glaze and finally fire to cone 6.


  1. Those are sooooo cute, I love them. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hello Marlene,

    When I saw the bowls I was breathless and speechless.
    They are just beautiful.
    Thank you very much I love all of them.

    Take care.

  3. Those are so beautiful, can't wait to see them fired. Love the colors, letters and illustrations and I am sure children will love them. That's a lot of pains-taking work.

  4. Those little bowls are adorable! Also, my name is Lori, and my husband's name is Nick, so I'm particularly won over:D Thanks for the follow - I'll definitely be keeping an eye on your stuff.

  5. Very fun bowls. Good shape to help prevent kid spills. Really enjoyed your colorful photostream.

  6. WOW - These are fantastic! What a great idea.
    I think I will place an order for Xmas for our nieces and nephews!